Privacy Policy


1.1. This privacy policy (further - Policy) states the collection, usage and keeping principles of the main personal data of the website, managed by UAB "Savex". Before using the website, you have to carefully read this Policy. By using our website and it's provided services, you confirm that you agree to this Policy. 
1.2. Website is managed by UAB "Savex", office address:  Kalno g. 19, Vladikiškių k., LT-56180 Kaišiadorių r., company code 110667865 (further - Data handler).
1.3. Data handler can be contacted by email provided on the website.
1.4. A User is any visitor of this website, browsing it and using it's services.
1.5. A User shall not use the website, if he has not ready the Policy or does not agree with it. On the occurrances, where a User does not agree with the Policy or certain parts of it, a User must not use the website. Otherwise, it is stated that the User has read the Policy and agrees to it unconditionally.
1.6. Data handler is not responsoble for any risks for a User who has not read or agreed to the Policy, even though he had an opportunity to do so.
1.7. Data handler reserves the right to limit the usage of the website to the User without warning, if the User uses the website by infringing this Policy, or tries to damage the website or it's security. 


2.1 Cookies (in your web browser) - is a small text document, containing a unique identification number, which is passed from our website to your computer's hard drive. In order to ensure the best experience on our website, we use cookies.

2.2 Cookies in use:

PrestaShop-c*** - saves your cart data, so it's not cleared after you visit another page.

PrestaShop-a*** - saves your session data, in order to distinguish whether you have finished the registration, and whether you are logged in or not.

_gid - scans for Google ID, in order to distinguish separate users for marketing purposes.

_ga - tracks the actions taken on the website. Used for statistics and website optimization purposes.

displayCookieConsent - tracks that you have already agreed to our cookie consent and makes sure not to show it again.

responsivepopup - tracks that you have declined our offer to subscribe to our newsletter and makes sure you don't see the pop-up again.

TawkConnectionTime - tracks the time spent on live chat module initiation.

_tawkuuid - indicates you as a separate user for the live chat module.

Tawk*** - indicates which server is used for the live chat.

2.3 You have the right to disable cookies in your web browser settings, but in this case, shopping in our website will be impossible.



3.1. Data handler collects and processes data for these purposes:

3.1.1 To receive and properly process an order. In order to process the order, data might be passed to:

- UAB "Venipak Lietuva" - To deliver your order
- UAB "Baltic Post" - To deliver your order
- UAB "Savingė" - To pick up your order from Savingė pick-up point.

3.1.2 To contact the customer if any additional information to process the order is needed

3.1.3 Accountancy and bookkeeping

3.2.  Data subject, in accordance to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), has the right to withdraw and remove his personal data in his account section while logged in.

3.2.1 Data handler must provide the withdrawn data no later than in one month.

3.2.2 Data handler, upon the data subject's initiation of personal data removal, if legal acts doesn't state otherwise, must delete the data in no later than one month.


4.1. This Policy is based on legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania. 
4.2. Data handler is not responsible for any damage, including the damage occurred from interferences of the website, data loss or leak, caused by the User or third parties acting on the behalf of the User, including the incorrect data entered, type errors, damage on purpose, or other incorrect use of the Website. 
4.3. If the User continues to use the website after the Policy changes, it is held that the User has read and agreed to the changes. 
4.4. Data handler reserves the right to apply changes to the Policy. You will be informed on any changes of the Policy by email.